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The image below is a link to a PDF with excerpts from the architectural plans for Jason's last apartment project as a for-profit real estate developer.  The design is a culmination of years of insight and experience that Jason gained developing 363 housing units.  On all of his projects he worked closely with architects, engineers, and contractors to fine-tune a design that could eventually be adapted to nonprofit affordable housing.

The project, shown in the presentation below, is the basis for CHC's affordable housing model.  Key elements include: affordable but long-lasting exterior materials, cost saving structural design elements, an efficient MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) design, and durable but affordable interior finishes.  All elements, from the structure to the fixtures, have been value engineered to create the highest quality at the lowest cost.

The apartments in this project feature modern amenities, which include microwave, refrigerator, dish washer, and stackable washer and dryer.  The units are all electric and individually metered for both electricity and water.  The finishes included wood cabinets, tile backsplashes, and granite countertops.  Rents ranged from $450 to $750 per month.  Click the image below for architectural details, and click Photo Gallery in the menu above for pictures.
PDF presentation of architectural plan elements