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Management expertise is critical when developing an affordable housing plan.  The involvement of management professionals, to provide critical insights, is needed throughout the project planning process.  That involvement should begin with a clear understanding of anticipated operating costs, which are combined with the initial market research to make key assumptions in the project plan.

During his career in real estate, CHC founder Jason Van Sickle created a property management company to manage the properties he developed.  Over the years he developed a deep understanding of effective and affordable housing management.  CHC brings that added layer of critical knowledge to our affordable housing model.

Below is a sample of a Budget Comparison Cash Flow report.  This report is just one of many daily, weekly, monthly, and annual reports that should be utilized by a property's management team.  Reports like this should be a part of any plan, when when developing affordable housing.

Click the image below to view the sample.
PDF presentation of a sample management budget