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PDF presentation of architectural plan elements
The Civic Health Coalition was founded on the belief that innovations in Data Science can be used to solve social problems.  That belief is exemplified in our approach to affordable housing.  We approach the project planning phase with the mindset of data scientists.

For any real estate development project to be successful, the process must start with an understanding of area demographics, market rates, development costs, and financing structures.  That information forms assumptions, which enter into calculations, that lead to conclusions.  That is the purpose of a development plan.

The image to the left links to a sample of our Development Plan and Financial Analysis, which is a comprehensive project planning tool.  The report starts with market data and analyzes: development, ramp-up, stabilization, and management expenses.  It concludes with financial projections, and everything in the report is supported by research data.

The numbers in the sample report are for example purposes only.  It is presented to show the content and format of a typical CHC project plan.  The data in the sample report should not be viewed as reflecting the actual numbers for any past or future projects.