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PDF presentation of a sample market research report
Almost a decade ago, CHC founder Jason Van Sickle organized and led the Kansas Rural Housing Coalition.  KRHC was a yearlong community advocacy project, which helped Kansas communities understand the affordable housing crisis.  Over 200 nonprofits, businesses, and communities took part in the coalition.

During KRHC's yearlong effort, it held meetings in communities across Kansas and compiled hundreds of datasets.  The outcome was the largest housing study in Kansas history — the Kansas Housing Research Project.  The project created over 60,000 pages of data and analysis, which were all authored by Jason Van Sickle.

The housing research project provided an 84-page Housing Data Report for every city and county in Kansas.  Those reports are available at the KRHC Archive (of the discontinued KRHC website).  A sample report can also be viewed by clicking the image to the left.

The reports are now outdated, but they are an example of the research capacity that Jason brought to the Civic Health Coalition.  Understanding market dynamics is important, before starting any development project.  That why communities focused on affordable housing need to partner with an organization that can analyze and understand housing data.